Kevin Ramundo Elected President of CFFC

“I am honored to lead an organization that for more than 50 years has fought to preserve Fauquier’s rural, agricultural heritage."

Kevin Ramundo, President

Taller Buildings, More Cars, Higher Taxes:

Comp Plan Has Big Changes for Warrenton


60 Years On A Precipice
Now on Sale!

Hope Porter's long-awaited book chronicling Fauquier’s conservation history, 60 Years on A Precipice, is available now, direct from CFFC, for $20 plus $3.50 shipping. The book describes the men and women who helped shape modern Fauquier, the envy of the commonwealth with over 100,00 acres under conservation easement. That achievement was hard fought as developers, with help from some politicians, tried to transform Fauquier into another faceless, sprawling suburb of Washington. 


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