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Elected officials cannot effectively represent citizens if they are unaware of their perspectives. 


We've compiled contact information for Fauquier County representatives below to make it easy to make your voice heard.

Scroll to view contact info for:

Fauquier County Board of Supervisors

Fauquier County Planning Commission

Town of Warrenton

Fauquier County

Board of Supervisors

Scott District: Edwin W. Broaddus


Cedar Run District: Richard R. Gerhardt (Chairman)


Marshall District: A. Regan Washer


Lee District: Daron L. Culbertson


Center District: Kevin T. Carter (Vice-Chairman)

Fauquier County Planning Commission

Marshall District: G. Robert Lee

Chair, Lee District: John Meadows

Center District: Diane B. Roteman

Scott District: Georgia Herbert

Vice-Chair, Cedar Run District: Matthew Smith


Secretary/Director, Department of Community Development (Staff Lead)

Holly Meade


Administration (Staff)

Meredith Meixner

Town of Warrenton

Mayor: H.E. Carter Nevill


At-large: Paul Mooney


At-large: David McGuire


Ward 1: Heather D. Sutphin


Ward 2: William T. Semple II


Ward 3: Brett A. Hamby


Vice Mayor, Ward 4: James N. Hartman III


Ward 5: Eric F. Gagnon

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