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Celebrate Earth Day with Ice Cream

By Florence/Lori Keenan

Fauquier resident and CFFC Board Member

As the beauty of spring is prominently on display throughout Fauquier County, equally striking is the trash and debris that often litters our roadsides. Mixed in with budding flowers are bottles and cans, and dispersed alongside the rolling green roadways are cigarette butts and plastic bags. 

Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup 2023

It’s disappointing to see the beauty of our county tarnished by careless littering, but even more concerning are the unseen impacts this debris causes. Beyond the unsightly appearance, plastic, paper and cigarette butts break down over time — polluting the water and ground with chemicals and forever plastics — not to mention the harm broken glass could cause children and animals alike.

On Earth Day this year, which falls on April 22, we should celebrate all efforts to respect our planet. One small way Citizens for Fauquier County (CFFC) does so is by cleaning up two miles of scenic roads in southern Fauquier near the Moo Thru in Remington under the state’s Adopt-a-Highway program. Our board members do this twice a year and then enjoy as a reward,  “real ice cream from real dairy farmers” at the Moo Thru.

Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup 2022

Speaking of Moo Thru, please visit their Remington location on Friday, April 19 and have some ice cream. In recognition of Earth Day, Moo Thru will generously donate 20 percent of sales that day to Citizens For Fauquier County to help us continue our mission of preserving and protecting the natural, historic and agricultural resources of Fauquier County.  

While I have your attention, here are some easy ways we can come together to do a little “spring cleaning” and preserve the spectacular beauty of Fauquier

  1. Start at home: Grab some gloves, a bag and a litter “picker upper” and take a stroll on the roadside of your own property or yard to see what you can find. The exercise and fresh air will not disappoint and you may even find something useful like the Patsy Cline CD that we’ve added to our music library.

  2. Make caring contagious: Extend your walk to neighboring roadsides - maybe others will be inspired by your actions and join you in the effort.

  3. Ask for help: Call the Litter Control Hotline (540) 422-8076 and submit a Litter Pick-Up Request. You can also submit a request to Litter Control Coordinator, Don Fay, via or online at

  4. Adopt-A-Highway: You too can Adopt-A-Highway online or by calling 1-800-PRIDE-VA (1-800-774-3382). In return you’ll get a sign along the road with your family or organization’s name, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re contributing to keeping our county beautiful.

We all benefit from keeping Fauquier beautiful, so let’s get to it!


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