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WHO we are

Fifty years ago, not far from here, a developer looked at Fauquier’s lush, rolling hills and forests and foresaw 10,000 houses. A coalition that became Citizens for Fauquier County rose in opposition to a development that would have changed Fauquier forever.


CFFC has been the guardian of Fauquier’s controlled growth and rural agricultural character. We’ve made history, and we’ve saved history, too. Founded in 1968, Citizens for Fauquier County is a non-partisan, non-profit organization representing hundreds of individuals and families active in local conservation efforts.

Our mission is to preserve the natural, historic and agricultural resources of Fauquier County, and to protect the County’s unique quality of life through education and leadership. Consider how our county might look had CFFC’s volunteers not come forward:

  • An 84-foot dam would have risen above Cedar Run, destroying wetlands, disrupting agriculture and inviting development

  • A uranium mine would scar our land and threaten the water supply

  • The Comprehensive Plan would have made way for three times today’s population

  • Traffic would be heavier, highways would be wider and billboards would proliferate

  • Light from fast-food signs and strip malls would swallow up the stars

  • Taxes would jump to pay for more schools, roads and pubic safety personnel


We believe in the conservation of our rich agricultural assets and clean air, pure water and dark nighttime skies.


We believe our history - villages, farms, landmarks - should be carefully preserved. 


We believe in the power of responsive and transparent government.


Please join us in protecting Fauquier’s future.

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