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Data Centers

Situation Overview

One of CFFC's highest priorities is about minimizing proliferation of data centers. It’s a very serious issue. Not just data centers but also the high-voltage power lines and substations that they require. 


Not surprising, a regional power authority is now proposing alternative routes crisscrossing almost 80 miles of the entire county, north, middle and south.

Fauquier County's Greatest Threat

Data center proliferation, and the power required to support it, remains arguably the most significant threat to Fauquier's character, charm and country side. CFFC and its partners are focused on this issue, but we need your help to continue this important work. 

New Power Lines Proposed for Fauquier County

Our regional electric power grid operator, PJM, has proposed alternative routes for high-voltage power lines which would crisscross almost 80 miles of countryside, and potentially impact over 700 properties including more than 300 properties in conservation easement.

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We've released eight unedited video segments from the February 14 Warrenton Town Council public hearing where council members voted

4-3 to approve the Amazon data center.


Get easy access to footage so you can learn how and why each member voted…

"In Their Own Words"

About Amazon's Warrenton Data Center

On February 14, after months of opposition and countless hours of verbal comment, the Warrenton Town Council voted 4-3 to approve Amazon's SUP application - setting in motion Amazon's plan to build a 220,000 square-foot data center on a 42-acre lot adjacent to Country Chevrolet in Warrenton. 


Serious questions remain about the lack of transparency surrounding the application and the council's dealings with Amazon. The vote was not the end, but the start of an even more robust effort to protect our town and county.

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