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Letter: New Bypass Would Endanger Warrenton's Water Supply

August 7, 2020

Towser’s Branch, one of the three streams that feed the town’s reservoir, is comprised of two smaller streams: Cattail Branch, which rises at the base of View Tree Mountain, where the U.S. government training station is located, and Two Mile Branch, which rises on Harkaway Farm and joins Cattail Branch at the intersection of 17 and the 211 Bypass to become Towser’s Branch. It is at this point that the proposed bypass will connect with Route [U.S.] 17 and the 211 Bypass. 

Letter: More Time Needed to Review Warrenton's Comprehensive Plan

July 24, 2020

The town council plans to hold its public hearing on Sept. 8, potentially adopting the plan that night. Our read on this important plan is that it outlines a new trajectory for the town, aspects of which are far too significant to be hastily decided. 

Letter: Town Comprehensive Plan Needs More Consideration

July 30, 2020

Thanks to Julie Bolthouse and PEC for their thoughtful review of the proposed plan. The process does seem to be rushed given the COVID-19 distractions and, as is, the draft entirely ignores the likely impacts of the pandemic itself on commercial and residential demand and the capital markets which drive all the proposed scenarios. I would urge the Planning Commission to require additional consultation and consideration of the fiscal reality.

Letter: Draft Plan Envisions Big Changes for Warrenton

July 17, 2020

We urge Warrenton residents to pay close attention to the Warrenton Planning Commission as it evaluates the 437-page draft comprehensive plan. To put it simply, if the plan is adopted Warrenton may become something very different from the small town we know and love.

Letter: Warrenton's Comprehensive Plan Will Result in Higher Taxes

July 10, 2020

Watch out property taxpayers in Fauquier County! There is a move afoot to artificially stimulate population growth in Warrenton.  

The amendment to Warrenton Comprehensive Plan works like this: population growth = more school seats = higher real estate taxes for everyone. 

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