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Warrenton Comp Plan 2040: The Town Council's Decision

As you have probably heard, the Warrenton Town Council voted 6-1 on April 13th to approve the draft comprehensive plan submitted by the planning commission without a single change.  While disappointed in this outcome, CFFC respects the council’s authority to decide as it did.  Still, we believe that our efforts to improve the plan, and the many comments from the town’s citizens who opposed the plan, offered a range of desirable changes which should have been adopted.


Although some have suggested otherwise, the town’s comprehensive plan definitely matters, and it goes beyond providing a mere “framework.” The plan will influence Warrenton profoundly over the next 20 years, guiding development, infrastructure and population growth. 


Given the plan’s importance, CFFC devoted many hundreds of hours to understanding it, and to communicating our conclusions and concerns clearly to our members, town officials and the broader community.  We also used care to document these conclusions, grounding all comments in fact and governing regulations, while stating our assumptions openly.

We do not oppose the town’s growth, but advocate for balanced growth that makes good economic and fiscal sense while responding to what citizens want.  CFFC will seek opportunities to work with town officials in the future toward that end.

CFFC would like to thank all members of the community who shared their views with the town, including those who supported the plan.  Participating and speaking out are the foundation of a healthy democracy, and we hope that all will continue to make their voices heard.

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