Wine Farm

Blackthorne Inn

For over three years, CFFC successfully opposed a dramatic expansion of the Blackthorne Inn just west of Upperville.  The developer, who bought the property in 2016, had planned to add a major event operation, more overnight accommodations, a spa and other resort amenities.  It would have been essentially a commercial operation in an area zoned rural/agricultural at least 2-3 times the scale of what the Fauquier Board of Supervisors approved for the previous owner.  Specific concerns included potential impacts on water supply, traffic and noise, an expansion of Route 50 to accommodate the operation, and the bad precedent of having a commercial operation in a rural area. 


CFFC spent considerable time analyzing the current zoning and special exception provisions and met with county officials to discuss its analysis.  The organization also provided counsel to the community group opposing the development and publicly advocated against the project.  Two applications were prepared by the developer and neither were approved.