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Who is Going to Pay for the Warrenton Comp Plan?

What will it cost Warrenton taxpayers, present and future, for:

· Sewer plant expansion to 3.0 MGD

· Reactivation and operation of Well #4

· Acquisition of new water sources or Reservoir Expansion to meet peak daily water demand

· The Timber Fence Parkway

· A Southern Bypass

· Growing the Town’s Economic Development Department

· Stopping additional Inflow and Infiltration into our sewer system

· A Tax Increment Financing (TIF) feasibility study

· Loss of proffers

· Intersection "improvements" and traffic mitigation

· Increased road maintenance for 50 percent more traffic

If the plan is adopted, Fauquier taxpayers will be burdened with supporting expanded services:

· School seats

· County park and recreation facilities

· Library services

· Cost sharing for state road network

· Court services

· and how much else?

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