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What the Warrenton Comp Plan Means for You

On February 16, the Planning Commission passed a streamlined version of the same plan it proposed in July 2020 (minus the inflexible by-right directive). If Town Council rubber stamps it, brace yourself for:

  • 2,102 new residential units

  • 310,000 square feet of new commercial space

  • 480 business class hotel rooms (120 of which are redeveloped)

  • Runaway construction of mixed-use buildings

  • 5-6 story buildings, up to 75' tall

  • The Timber Fence Parkway

  • A Southern Bypass

  • Neighborhood streets converted to through-streets

  • Need for additional sewer plant capacity

  • Search for water to meet daily peak demand

  • Conversion of the majority of our last two large greenfield parcels of industrial land into housing

Among the many unanswered questions are cost projections for: expanded intersections, the Timber Fence Parkway and a Southern Bypass, sewer system upgrades, water supply to meet peak daily needs, and an unknown list of "amenities." A fiscal model intended to assess the impacts of a larger population on town staffing are riddled with too many soft numbers to make results reliable. Also unknown is whether taxes will increase to make up for shortfalls if the plan fails to deliver enough commercial growth to offset the thousands of new dwelling units it allows.

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