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Planning Commission Opens the Door to Special Use Permits in Commercial District

The Warrenton Planning Commission indicated Tuesday that it was open to using a special use permit (SUP) for the conversion of commercial land to residential. An SUP requires a full public hearing process before the planning commission and the town council and opens everything up to public scrutiny. This means project approval is discretionary rather than administrative.

The issue has been tabled for 30 days. The commission, depending on its meeting schedule, may not vote on the issue until February.

If the special use permit approach is adopted by the commission, and town council, the controversial by right provision would be dropped. By right means that developers would simply obtain a permit and build.

CFFC is firmly opposed to by right, stand-alone residential development in the commercial district and encouraged letters in opposition. The public may write the commissioners, and town council, urging support for the proposed special use permit approach.

The commissioners indicated that there was no need to conduct an analysis regarding traffic and water and sewer capacity. They did not discuss imposing design standards similar to the form-based code implemented by Marshall.

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