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Protecting Fauquier’s Future is CFFC’s First Priority, Please Make

Donating to CFFC your First Priority on May 4, 2021

CFFC has accepted Give Local Piedmont’s Early Bird Challenge, which awards a $1,000 bonus to the top three non-profit organizations to receive the most individual donations before 10 a.m. on May 4. If you, our neighbor, fellow conservationist, environmentalist, history lover or farmer, were to contribute $10 to CFFC before 10 a.m., we’d have a real shot at receiving that award and boosting our budget to be able to accomplish our objectives for 2021.

In 2021, CFFC will continue to work diligently to protect Fauquier’s future by promoting agriculture, historical preservation, environmental preservation, land use conservation and smart balanced growth. Most recently, CFFC has devoted hundreds of hours towards preserving our rural land and zoning and open spaces by opposing commercial development (one proposal included a hotel, restaurant and large event center) in our areas zoned RA (rural/agricultural); supporting preservation of the historic resources at Vint Hill Farm Station; and trying to improve the draft Warrenton Comprehensive Plan, advocating for development and infrastructure that made good economic and fiscal sense and better reflected what citizens want in that part of the County. A few of our 2021 objectives are adding to Fauquier’s list of historic districts, relocating and preserving the Piney Mountain Rosenwald School in Remington, and promoting young farmers.

Many of you are loyal and generous supporters, and we thank you for that, we could not have served Fauquier for over 50 years without it! But we need your support again on May 4, before 10 a.m., $10.00, to increase our donor numbers. Numbers in donors not only will help us receive the Early Bird award, but it also serves to validate our mission and remind us of the community we serve that shares our commitment to the preservation and protection of our towns, battlefields, historic buildings, farmland, rolling pastures and open spaces.

Thank you for working with us to preserve Fauquier’s future, and for your continued support.