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Comp Plan Means More Highways & Cut-Through Streets

The Warrenton Comp plan places Culpeper County commuters ahead of town residents by proposing a bypass linking Route 211 and US 17, roaring past 330+ homes, destroying walkability between Silver and Olde Gold Cup, and undermining the tranquility of Rady Park. But that’s not all.

The Timber Fence Parkway, rebranded as the Western Bypass, will also:

  • Bisect the Fauquier High School campus and fields used by both FHS and middle school cross country teams

  • Contribute to higher levels of noise pollution from onrushing cars

  • Pave through wetlands that are critical to sustaining the town's reservoirs

  • Result in lost revenue, and correspondingly lost tax revenue, for Broadview Avenue businesses

The Comp Plan promotes the so-called Western Bypass as the solution to mounting traffic from growing Warrenton’s traffic by 50 percent. Planners also do not wish to inconvenience commuters from Clevenger’s Village in Culpeper County.

Town planners relied on stale car counts to support building the bypass. In fact, traffic levels on the Broadview - Lee Highway corridor were thousands of cars per day lower than the town reports.

Forward-thinking communities are removing bypasses, not building new ones, because these overblown transportation expenditures are not creating community wealth, they are destroying it.

The Comp Plan should spell out that road extension of the Timber Fence Parkway should be a collector street, moving traffic through the subdivision, allowing better access for emergency vehicles, and abandoning the use of the Norfolk Drive neighborhood as a cut-through.