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CFFC Raises Questions About Warrenton Comp Plan

June 2020

We urge everyone in Fauquier County, especially Warrenton residents, to pay close attention to the Warrenton Planning Commission as it evaluates the 437-page Draft Comprehensive Plan. To put it simply, if the plan is adopted Warrenton may become something very different from the small town we know and love.

A board-level task force from Citizens for Fauquier County, Fauquier’s oldest conservation nonprofit, has found that implementing the plan over 20 years opens the door to:

  • 50% increase in the town’s population

  • 2,102 new residential units

  • 310,000 square feet of commercial space

  • 360 additional hotel rooms ​

The plan makes it easy for developers due to streamlining by-right approval of mixed use developments. And Warrenton becomes more attractive to developers because buildings as tall as six stories will be allowed in some locations, along with higher density in select districts.

Greater population produces greater traffic, not to mention motorists from surrounding growth areas who converge on Warrenton. To address traffic congestion, the plan envisions building the Timber Fence Parkway and a new Southern Bypass. Also on the table is connecting neighborhood streets to enable through-traffic.

The Warrenton Planning Commission has scheduled a public hearing for July 21. For more information, go here

Impact of this plan goes beyond the town limits. What happens in Warrenton affects all of Fauquier County.

The CFFC Warrenton Task Force continues to study the planning document to assess the costs, traffic, design standards and infrastructure requirements, especially water and sewer. For the latest on the comp plan, return to and visit our Facebook page.