Bugle Revival Among Highlights Of CFFC’s 50th Celebration

We are only at the beginning of CFFC’s 50th anniversary year, but are building momentum following our first successful celebratory event. A centerpiece of the golden anniversary will be the special commemorative edition of the Bugle, a spirited CFFC publication created in the 1990s by the late Julian Scheer.

The Bugle (Tagline: All the news that causes a fit) was created to inform and ignite public opinion on critical county projects, and was born during a time when the established news media, mainly, the Fauquier Times-Democrat, made it difficult for CFFC’s conservation message to be heard.

The Bugle will present original articles tracing CFFC highlights from 1968 to the present, such as thwarting Auburn Dam, opposing the notorious SPR building, promoting the countywide Horse Survey and more. There will also be a detailed timeline, historical photographs and a look at the next 50 years.

The Bugle redux will be distributed through libraries and mailed to every postal address in Fauquier County. April is the target date for release of the Bugle.

Images appearing in the Bugle, along with other photographs, will form the heart of a special photo portfolio illustrating both the history and the values that de ne CFFC. Planners are working on a series of commemorative events for the balance of the anniversary year, including a possible exhibition of the portfolio photos, a special lecture or a lm presentation for next fall.

Introducing the Capitol Steps in November, CFFC Anniversary Committee chair, Yakir Lubowsky, told the audience, “…the parties profiting from development are well-represented in advancing their interests at all levels of the county regulatory process… while CFFC is the smart, consistent voice of all citizens on these matters, crucial to our community yet advocated consistently by only one entirely local organization — for fifty years now – ours, and we hope yours too.”