About Us

Founded in 1968, Citizens for Fauquier County is a non-partisan, non-profit organization representing hundreds of individuals and families active in local conservation efforts.

Our mission is to preserve the natural, historic and agricultural resources of Fauquier County, and to protect the County’s unique quality of life through education and leadership.

What We Do

  • Monitor work sessions and meetings of Fauquier County Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission
  • Advocate policies and community planning consistent with our mission
  • Stay alert to issues before the General Assembly in Richmond that affect us here in Fauquier County
  • Open channels of communication with the Warrenton Town Council and other local governing bodies whose decisions can affect all citizens in the County
  • Organize community forums and other opportunities to learn about issues challenging our county
  • Testify on behalf of the membership at key meetings and public hearings
  • Participate in the work of citizen planning boards and ad hoc committees
  • Inform the membership on the most vital local issues through its newsletter, periodic mailings, and website
  • Invite members’ opinions through meetings and questionnaires
  • Track trends and strategies used elsewhere that may have application here in Fauquier

Our History

Hope Porter – continuous Board member, past President, and a Fauquier Times-Democrat “Citizen of the Year” – authored the following Letter to the Editor published in the June 25, 2003 edition of the Times-Democrat. Her reflection on the historic accomplishments of CFFC is a testimony to its singular role in the future of Fauquier County.